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  • Farkel Rolling Tray Set
    Farkel Rolling Tray Set is the PERFECT game package for playing Farkel! This is a big 11’ wide rolling tray with the scoring combinations printed on the felt lining of the tray and a point collection channel built into the top rail. Plus TWO sets of extra large 19mm dice and a 40 sheet score pad…all packaged in a pizza box! For ages 8 and up.

  • Farkel Party®
    Join the new craze and host a Farkel Party! Farkel Party game comes with everything you need to have the ultimate party; 6 sets of dice to match the 6 different colored dice rolling cups and a 50 sheet score pad. All of this with the easy to read instructions is tucked inside a beautiful fire engine red tin box that is nearly a foot long. For ages 8 and up.

  • Ninety-Nine or BUST®
    Quick…what is twenty-four plus seven? What’s seven plus six? Ninety-Nine or Bust card game adds up to fast-paced fun. Players take turns adding number cards to the count pile’ the count can quickly raise or lower at the flip of a card. Keep the count curbed at 99 or you bust! Includes 52 jumbo number cards, 32 casino quality poker chips, and easy to read instructions. For ages 12 and up.

  • Custom Farkel Games
    Create your own custom Farkel game, with your image, logo, or anything you can dream up.   Upload your image, select your dice color and box color and magic you have your own customized Farkel Game Please note all images must be 300dpi and in jpeg, bmp format.   We will review your image and call you for approval before printing.   For quanitites greater than 6, please call 1-888-454-2637 for special pricing!!!!

  • Classic Six-Dice Farkel
  • One of a Kind Farkel
  • Twisted Farkel®
  • Farkel Party®
  • Ruckus Original Family Edition
  • Ruckus Junior Edition
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