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  • Farkel Strategy Book
    IMPROVE YOUR GAME by acquiring the book "How to win more often playing Farkel".   Legendary Games has published a book outlining the use of strategies and odds to win more often when playing the great game of Farkel.  The 75 page book will provde you with extentsive history of the game, many scoring variations, and the probabilities of rolling a scoring combination on your turn.  

  • Speed Farkel
    Roll the ignition die and begin playing the great family game of Speed Farkel.  The fastest way to play ever.  All players roll their dice at the same time for maximum fun and action.  The faster you roll the faster you win.  Up to six players ages 8+

  • Lets Play 25 Dice Games
    This great game box contains everything you need to learn and play 25 of the most popular dice games.  Each box includes game parts and an easy-to-read instructions booklet that names and explains the games.  Includes a set of 10 dice and and instruction booklet for 25 dice games including, Bunco, Liars dice, Yacht, Pig and More.   Also, don't miss 25 games of cards, marbles, and dominoes.

  • Ruckus Original Family Edition
    Accumulating sets is the aim of the game…it’s holding on to them that’s the trick! Ruckus Family Edition has player creating a Ruckus as they compete to pick matching cards and try hard to keep them. In this matching cards game, everyone is busy stealing and wants to be the fastest. Create a Ruckus at your next family game night with this fast-paced and fun game. Includes 72 Ruckus cards, a card tray, and easy to read instructions. For ages 8 and up. 

  • Twisted Farkel®
  • One of a Kind Farkel
  • Ruckus Original Family Edition
  • Farkel Party®
  • Ruckus Junior Edition
  • Classic Six-Dice Farkel
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